Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Pocket Treat Holder

Today I'd like to share a cute and inexpensive project. This is not my own idea. I have seen several video tutorials on the internet about how to make the two pocket treat holder in various sizes. Most people put candy or a small treat in one side and a little note in the other but I though it might also make a great gift card holder. Wouldn't it be fun to put a two pocket treat holder on someones desk with a little Ghirardelli Chocolate Square or gift card tucked in one side and a note in the other? I think it is so stinking cute.

I wanted to use a scrap of paper I already had but it wasn't double sided and this project calls for double sided paper. No problem! I made the holder and then lined both pockets the same way I would line an ordinary envelope (If you don't know how to do this, check out my video on how to line and envelope) I put a note card in the front pocket and a gift card in the back pocket.

Happy Scrapping,

P.S. Angie Kennedy Juda just posted a video tutorial on how to make the Two pocket treat holder on her blog

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