Friday, April 24, 2015

Bright and Cheerful Card

I love those bright, shiny enamel dots that are so popular these days but they are so pricey that I rarely used them. Well you can only imagine how excited I was to learn that I can make them myself very inexpensively and best of all I can make sizes and colors that suit my own needs. I searched Youtube for video tutorials and started baking right away! I will post links below to three videos that I found particularly helpful. Since I started making my own dots I have found that there are pony beads available in at least 2 sizes (9mm and 7mm) and both work great but yield slightly different size dots and that Perler beads are available in about a million (ok that might be an exaggeration!) colors. You will have so much fun making your own enamel dots.

Today's card features two different sizes of enamel dots. The smaller yellow ones were made with Perler beads and matched well with the yellow paper I chose. The black enamel dot was made with a 9mm pony bead and is an awesome flower center. The card uses a bright and cheerful color palate and was super quick and easy to assemble. Hope you enjoy!

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