Monday, May 11, 2015

Clear Plastic Sleeves for Stamp and Die Storage

I recently purchased some clear plastic sleeves for storing my rubber stamps and dies. I was looking for a more space efficient way to store the items but didn't want to spend a lot of money. A friend told me about these great bags that are actually designed for DVD storage. They are large enough to fit the DVD case artwork (14mm) so they will also accommodate the artwork from my Stampin Up stamp sets and they have a simple flap closure at the top. They are similar to the Avery Elle storage bags but are much much less expensive. I got 200 of them for $19.99 and the shipping was included. Pretty awesome huh? I am posting a link to the site below. (Just copy and paste it into your browser) I haven't decided how I am going to approach this project yet. Not sure if I will just try it with my non Stampin Up sets or if I will go "all in." but whatever I decide, I have supplies to get started.

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