Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reflection Technique

The card I am sharing today features the reflection technique. I have experimented with this technique and decided at times I like a very vivid reflection but other times I want my reflection to be softer and more muted. I will show you examples of both in the video tutorial and you can decide which you like best.

One thing I really like about this technique is that it doesn't require a lot of specialized products or tools. To transfer my reflected image, I used a piece of stencil material because I couldn't find my trusty pad of acetate (Thank goodness it finally showed up again! I love it!!) but you could try any smooth, nonporous plastic surface. I also used a brayer to apply some gentle pressure over my reflected image but you could just rub firmly with your fingers or even the back of a stamp block. You folks are creative so use the resources around you.

Happy Crafting,

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